The Legend of Legacy Demo to be released on Nintendo eShop

KYOTO, JAPAN- Nintendo Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: NTDO) Some excellent titles are expected on Nintendo 3DS with some of them being Dragon Ball Extreme Butoden, Final Fantasy Explorers, Project X Zone 2 and Legend of Legacy.

More particularly, concerning the last one, ATLUS USA will launch an English localized version of The Legend of Legacy in North America in a month or so.

And with that in mind, the publishers have stated that they will release a demo version of the upcoming JRPG via the Nintendo eShop.

So far, the demo will only be available in America while at the same time Nippon Ichi Software America has not made any comments on its plans to hit the European markets, or even Australia and New Zealand for that matter.

As for the gamers located in the States, the new demo will arrive on the eShop on September 22nd, three weeks before the game releases (the official date is October 13th).

As it happens with most demos on the Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Legacy demo covers the prolog and the first two dungeons. And the best part is that the progress that you’ve made while playing the demo can be transferred to the complete game if you decide to purchase it.

The game has been developed by Furyu, Japanese developer and publisher company, which most commonly does anime games.

Nippon Ichi Software America on the other hand, will handle the game in PAL regions but unfortunately it will not release the title until early 2016 which- given that the 3DS is a region locked console – means that some people will have to wait a bit more.

The positive comments have made an early appearance with many users saying that it’s just the perfect way to get a taste of the new title and make up their minds among all those numerous titles for the Nintendo 3DS console.

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