New iPad Pro 2015 release date: September 9th

Rumours are spreading like fire over the last few weeks, regarding Apple’s event and what we expect to see there. Over the next few days that are left until the 9th of September, it is only sure that those rumours are only going to get more intense.

According to the latest reports that have taken over the internet, mainly coming from 9to5Mac, the company will present its larger and more professional tablet, the iPad Pro along with an updated and renewed iPad Mini and of course all other known products that we expect to see such as the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, a revamped Apple TV set box, and some new bands for the Apple Watch.

Hence, it is clear that Apple has a lot to show this time. This is probably why they chose the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – with 7,000 seats – in San Francisco instead of Cupertino’s Flint Centre.

As for the technical features of the rumoured device, the iPad Pro – as a more professional solution – will be larger than the other tablets designed by the company. More particularly, according to trustworthy sources, it will have approximately the size of a MacBook Air which leads us to the conclusion that we will probably see a 12ish inches screen. As far as the operating system goes, it will obviously be the iOS 9.1 and we will most likely also see Force Touch making its way into the tablet line-up of the company.

On the other hand, the iPad Mini will simply receive a few enhancements over the previous generation. More specifically, we expect to see features similar to the iPad Air 2, meaning that there will probably be an 8 megapixels camera embed on the back, an A8 processor and 2 gigs of RAM.

The 9th of September is only a few days away so stay tuned to learn all the latest news on Apple’s upcoming event.

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