India’s best technology workplaces of 2016

During the end of the year, when we look back we see great events that took place. Most of the events were related to technology. Well, leading tech giants were the main reason behind this. Today, we present you some of best technology workplaces in India for this year.

Google India

This is the major tech firm that has a huge contribution in giving some innovative inventions to the world. Only hiring good and talented people is not enough. You should be creative enough to think of ideas and make it live. Google did the same and hence it is on top of our list.

To make people more creative, Google has its workplace floored by cool facilities, massage chairs, spa, treadmills, and couches.

Cisco Systems India

This firm has a system of time-efficient networking, speed mentoring, and the methodical pursuit of a mentor. A mentee spends five minutes with each multiple mentors. This time-bound, multi-level approach to networking and building relationships assist members to quickly identify people with mutual interests and common aims.

Microsoft Corporation India

The Microsoft Achievement Award aims to refresh staff which would have been rather difficult to replace by performance and experience. It is the firm’s faith that the MSAA promotes custody by allowing such employees to evade burnout.

So friends, what are your thoughts about our list? Do you dream to work in those firms as well? Do share your comments with us? Also let us know if there are any other companies that deserve to be in the list.

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