Incredibly Clear Image of Egyptian Pyramids Captured by NASA

EgyptThe clearest images of the Egyptian pyramids ever seen were recently captured from astronauts from space. This is something that experts have been trying to accomplish for some time and now from the International Space Station the goal was achieved.

Arriving back on earth, NASA astronaut Terry Virts spend more than six months floating above earth but shortly before his return, he was able to capture stunning images of the pyramids at Giza.

On Twitter, Virts shared the photo saying that it was not until his final day in space that he was finally able to capture the image of a lifetime. Although other images have been captured over the years, the degree of clarity has never been so good. Compared to earlier photos, the Egyptian pyramids can be spotted within seconds.

Last April, Samantha Cristoforetti also captured an image from the European Space Agency and while the photo is impressive, it takes time to locate dark triangular shaped structures. However, with the photo captured by Virtis, the image is crystal clear.

Because the International Space Station orbits the universe at almost five miles per second, capturing an image of the pyramids is extremely challenging. Although small objects can be identified, using a camera is tough. Virts had tried unsuccessfully throughout his trip but finally thanks to being in the right place at the right time coupled with outstanding technology, he got the shot.

Although the image is enjoyable for the everyday person to enjoy and marvel at, it will prove far more beneficial to researchers and NASA in paving the way for other wonders to be captured. As to whether additional images will ever be as amazing as this one is hard to tell but with ongoing advances in technology the chances are good.

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