Google’s YouTube Ad Free service arrives on Wednesday

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)- The search giant’s YouTube video service is all set to announce its new paid subscription-based, ad-free system.

Tired of having to watch ads before and during your videos, even if the subject that is being shown has nothing to do with you and your interest? Thankfully, YouTube’s long-anticipated subscription service is expected to be unveiled on Wednesday in Los Angeles during an event.

As Re/code has reported, this kind of service will include ad-free versions of videos that already exist in YouTube. In addition, the monthly $10 subscription will also include original programming, but only to subscribers. The technology news website didn’t mention clearly the type of content that subscribers should expect.

Earlier this year, YouTube said that four of its top stars signed contracts to bring their original series to life on the Google-owned video site: The Fine Brothers, Prank vs. Prank, Joey Graceffa, and Smosh.

Furthermore, according to the Wall Street Journal, YouTube is looking to close some deals with several providers, such as Turner Broadcasting cable unit, Fox Sports, A&E Networks, NBCUniversal, and possibly the Walt Disney Co. It shouldn’t be that hard, judging by the promising earnings for content providers, which include 55 percent of subscription revenue and cut of the money, based on the amount of time folks spend watching their videos.

Surprisingly enough, not everyone is thrilled with that arrangement, though, the paper said.

For the record, YouTube launched the paid channels service in May 2013, as part of a new concept that was still going under tests at the time, which ultimately gave content creators a new smart way to earn money from their videos. But still, the company did not offer an unlimited premium option that eliminated all ads.

We are progressing according to plan to provide fans more options in how they enjoy content on YouTube,” the company told the Journal. “We have support from the overwhelming majority of our partners … and more in the pipeline about to close.“.

Are you planning on using YouTube’s upcoming content system? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: PCMag, Re/code

Source: Wall Street Journal

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