The Google Glass project is now called Project Aura

Mountain View, CA – Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Company’s latest Virtual Reality device, Google Glass, goes through a name change, now called Project Aura.

The new revived and now called Project Aura is one of Google’s latest attempts to create a VR (Virtual Reality) device, as all facts point to that. The Project Aura will not attain Alphabet subsidiary status, but will stick with Google instead, headed in the interim by Google Glass head (since 2014) Ivy Ross.

It is expected that it will provide home to some of the company’s bolder technology experimentations and other Internet of Things (IoT) projects, such as the Google Cardboard project, and the gesture input technology also known as Soli which is under development.

Despite the name of the project at this point (Project Aura), Google has a habit of altering the names of the final product, so it is highly possible, that we will see the final product hitting the markets under Google Glass branding.

What seems to be extremely interesting though, is the fact that only a few weeks after Google and several other silicon valley mammoths agreed to a record $451 million settlement over an almost 10-year secret agreement not to recruit each other’s employees, Project Aura, Glass and Beyond have already recruited three engineers from Amazon’s Lab 126.

Dima Svetlov as software development manager, Amir Frenke as director of software development and Tina Chen as manager of technical program management. And on top of that, Max Ratner, a former Apple employer who was ranked higher in the company, is now part of the Project Aura.

In terms of business strategies and policies, it is quite clear that Google is trying to gather a variety of human resources from different fields and companies while at the same time make its intentions on the wide range of its projects a lot more clear.

In other words, the company’s decision to make the Project Aura head of other similar more experimental projects followed the same logic with its older decision to create Alphabet in the first place; it was done in order to dissever the nature of its projects.

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