Google acquires American–Israeli startup Kifi

The Search Engine Giant Google has acquired an American–Israeli startup which makes products for sharing contents among friends and groups.

A statement to this effect was made by Kifi, which said that it will merge with Spaces team at Google and will focus on developing better group sharing, conversation and content identification. The company feels that it will serve better if it became a part of Google which is committed to organizing the world’s information and make it accessible to universally and useful.  It must be noted Spaces is a non-traditional messaging application which helps groups to share content which includes pictures, links, and videos.

Kifi was created by Dan Blumenfeld and Eishay Smith in 2012 with the aim of client centric solutions for group activities and collaboration. Kifi has stated that some of its services will be slowly phased out. Customers will be given sufficient time to transfer their contents to another platform of their choice.

The latest acquisition by Google is one more addition in its quest to focus on small startups with creative and novel ideas or technology which will save a lot of time than trying to develop it in-house. Last month it had acquired another small start-up, web service provider Webpass and so also French image recognition company Moodstocks and cloud-based video service provider Anvato.

Kifi will help the search engine giant to beef up the Google Spaces social media platform. Kifi already has Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome built into it. Details of the acquisition have not been revealed, but Kifi team will immediately start working on Google Spaces. It is not clear how many members of the Israeli –American company will join the Google Spaces Team. Spaces were launched earlier this year but has not found much popularity among the users. The Kifi team will try to reverse this.

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