GoGo Inc. NEW Inflight WiFi system brings 70Mbps at 30,000 feet

CHIGACO, IL- GoGo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO) The in-flight broadband Internet service provider has just unveiled its new upgraded system, 2Ku, that delivers up to 70Mbps download speed at 30,000 feet.

This is attributed to the new satellite service 2Ku, which consists of a pair of Ku-band satellite antennas attached on the top of the plane, who bring the aforementioned speeds. The new satellite has been significantly improved over the former version, Ku.

The original system’s design caused a lot of issues in terms of fuel efficiency, while its height was conflicting with the airplane’s aerodynamics. The second generation has tackled both problems to a certain degree, as 2Ku features half the height of the initial edition. In addition to the predecessor, Ku was offering only 30Mbps of download speed.

Due to the inefficient 30Mbps internet speed, only 100 airplanes have implemented the original Ku product, hence the new enhanced installment is expected to make its way into a wider spectrum of airlines.

Journalists that have been invited from GoGo to check out 2Ku, report that the product indeed showcases vital improvement over the original one. Despite Ku being in airplanes for quite some time now, passengers complain that the uplink speeds were efficient enough for light web-browsing, such as reading emails and alike. Though, in the occasion of a long flight, sending emails cannot be really entertaining for more than an hour.

Have no worries though, as 2Ku 70Mbps download speeds let users stream videos and movies from their favorite services -or even TV-, which could easily make an 8-hour flight more enjoyable.

Moreover, since when it comes to in-flight WiFi competition GoGo appears to be the sole major player in the league, the Inc. will be allegedly taking advantage of this opportunity to charge premium pricing for the use of its services. Hence, do not expect Netflix at 30,000 feet to be a bargain after all.

Source: AndroidCentral

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