Facebook Reactions test: The like button gets 6 new emojis

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant has released the concept of the upcoming dislike button.

It may not be the much-anticipated dislike button, but Facebook is still trying to provide users with more freedom to express their mood or reactions by embodying a new set of emojis to the Like button.

Facebook users all over Ireland and Spain are already testing the new set where instead of just sending a thumbs up, they can also express love, laughter, happiness, amazement, sadness, and anger. If you’re not such an extrovert and you wish to stick to what you know, the thumbs up is still there.

It is not known yet whether the Reactions test will be successful enough to make it to other countries across the world.

But we are certain that even if this doesn’t work, something else will take its place, as Facebook seems determined to help their user express themselves as clearly as possible.

And at this point we should mention that users from their side too, have been wanting that for quite some time, hence the large request for the dislike button. There was also a malware scam that circulated in 2010 which capitalized on this desire.

Despite the large request though, Facebook is doing its best not to give in to the temptation, probably because if it did, a storm of criticism would rise concerning topics as cyber bullying etc. And the last thing Facebook wants is to be accused of lauding such behaviours.

So to avoid the fuss, the company stated last December that it was looking for alternatives to the dislike button. Then, in September, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was working on a way for users to express empathy.

As for the Reactions feature, if it does make it to the rest of the world, it will be available for both desktops and smartphones and there will be no turn off option.

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