ESA’s Warning: Space Debris May Prove Harmful In Future

The celestial debris or countless number of objects floating in around planet Earth may prove to be impending threat in the coming future. Experts from the ESA (European Space Agency) warned regarding the debris that can result in a catastrophic collision some day with the satellites and astronauts present in space.

ESA’s Warning: Space Debris May Prove Harmful In Future

Hoping to overcome this space debris issue, the European Space Agency further stated that it worries for the outer space debris may result in some crash similar to the exploding grenade on the objects, and also including the ISS (International Space Station) someday.

Further, the experts also stated that this celestial debris may also leave the space inappropriate for future space missions. The important space debris issue will probably be discussed in the international meeting that is scheduled next week.

The ESA has also a new video that explains the entire issue and the steps the agency is in plans to make.

The outer space debris is the result of more than 4,900 space launches from the year 1957. The notable fact is, only 4% of total spacecrafts are in working condition and the rest 94% are now the part of the debris.

The space debris head at the agency, Holger Krag, further mentioned about the impact in the ESA video. He said that it cannot be compared to a gunshot. The energy a 1-centimeter particle contains is equivalent to an exploding grenade.

Hence, before the situation gets out of control, the scientists around the world will meet in Darmstadt, Germany for the 7th European Conference on Space Debris that will be held on from April 18 to April 21 at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre.

The scientists will majorly focus on strategies to avoid the debris along with the plans for the removal of the same. Various possible solutions are suggested so as to clean the debris away till date.

In addition, in 2016, the University of Surrey scientists revealed their plans of launching a satellite in order to test the different ways to clean nearby 7,000 tonnes of space debris.

Hope that all the steps taken prove to be a success.

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