Enormous Armored B Rex Fish Fossil Discovered

After the revealing of T rex – a dinosaurs type fossils, now scientist have discovered B rex which is massive fish species with bony armored plates over head ,front fins and shoulders and it is probably 370 million years old .The Fish fossil was discovered in Canada.

Enormous Armored B Rex Fish Fossil Discovered

The type belongs to the group antiarchi, which is a extinct species. The site where the fossil is found has also given out many fossils from the Devonian period.

Its total length is probably at 1.7 meters and its 30 percent longer than, Bothriolepis maxima’s length

On the Brex’s head large thick plates were found along with other species fossil, which may be concluded that it might be a protective part to survive the piercing bites of huge sarcopterygians

 “Bothriolepis rex (B rex) extends the series of identified body sizes for the group Antiarchi,” said Jason Downs, research associate at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in the US.

“The huge body dimension and the solid, dense armor give a opportunity to concentrate on question regarding the lifestyle of this extraordinary group of armored swimmers,” said Downs, who is also an assistant professor at Delaware Valley University in the US.

 “Bothriolepis is a group of bottom-dwelling armored aquatic vertebrates,” Downs said.

“The flat base and the downward-facing jaws hint feeding on detritus plant or animal material in the mud or sand. It was not outfitted for lively predation,” he said.

One aspect of the fish immediately confronts the researchers’ assumptions.

One factor of fish confronted researcher’s assumptions that “Skull shape changes with body size in Bothriolepis,” Downs said.

 “All antiarchs are extinct by the end of the Devonian Period,” Downs said.

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