Cito: A New Smartwatch That Is Capable Of Moving In 5 Directions

Do you like showing off a smartwatch on your wrist? If yes, this new smartwatch can be a good option for you. Apart from this have you ever thought about a smartwatch that can move in 5 directions? Yes, you are reading it right. Recently, a research team has designed a new smartwatch with a screen that can move in 5 diverse directions significantly enhancing functionality and dealing with the restraints of fixed-face watches of today. This new smartwatch is dubbed “Cito” and has the ability to hinge, rise, rotate, orbit, and translate.

Cito: A New Smartwatch That Is Capable Of Moving In 5 Directions

According to the researchers, rather than just making the smartwatches more expedient for the users, the technology can offer significant advantages to users with physical impairment or other disabilities. Xing-Dong Yang, Dartmouth College, the United States, said “Users require smartwatches that suit their needs and lifestyles. The Cito prototype is a startling improvement that can offer consumers even greater basis to sport smartwatches.”

The majority of smartwatch study mainly deals with how the users can input data more easily. Cito intends to eliminate awkward moments linked to the use of smartwatches by enhancing how the device exhibits information to the wearer. Exemplars of watch movement consist of automatically orbiting about the wristband to facilitate seeing when the wrist is not facing the user; hinging to enable a buddy to see the face of the watch; rising to inform the user of a notification if he/she is playing a game; and translating to expose the watch face from beneath a shirt sleeve. The 5 movements of watch face can be executed combined or independently.

Yang further said, “Customers will question the want for smartwatches if the gadgets are just not expedient enough. Cito shows the true prospective of smartwatches and illustrates that they can be functional as well as fun.” The researchers said, “We recognize that our work evaluates a major idea, but our desire is that we also display how a principled and methodical approach can investigate any such far-reaching visions.”

In making the prototype, the research team performed 2 distinct studies to validate the social acceptability, usefulness, and professed comfort of diverse watch movements. So, what do you think about Cito?

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