Bug Took Developer Website of Apple Down Amid Fears Of Hacking

After various developers posted a potential breach of security in Developer website of Apple since their addresses of account displayed an address in Russia, Apple has claimed that the problem sourced due to a bug in its application of account management.

As per a report last week, various developers posted that all of their addresses of developer account have been upgraded with an address in Russia, possibly representing some type of serious internal error or breach. As per reports by various developers, their accounts show a Russian address rather than their right address,” they claimed while addressing the problem. The Developer site of Apple, down for a few hours, was lastly up and running.

Bug Took Developer Website of Apple Down Amid Fears Of Hacking

As per The Verge, the developer support team of Apple sent a memo to developers, guaranteeing them that there was no breach of security. “Owing to a bug in our application of account management, your information of address was showed incorrectly for the time being in your account information on the Developer website of the company,” the memo stated assuring the developers. “The similar wrong address was showed to all impacted developers. The fundamental code-level bug was hurriedly solved and your address data now displays rightly,” it further added.

“There was no breach of security and none of the Apple Developer website, services, or applications were compromised,” it further added. In 2013, the Developer Center of Apple was taken offline and was hacked for various days. “At that time, the company claimed that personal sensitive information was inaccessible and encrypted, but some mailing addresses, names, and email addresses of developers may have been comprised,” the reports further added.

A coder named David Negron first noticed the bug, and posted that all addresses of developer account were being displayed as an address in Russia. This data was also provided to the media by 3 of the trusted sources having a profound knowledge of this matter. When asked some more detailed information, they refused to provide some. The above information was given by the cited sources with a sole condition of being unnamed as the matter was very sensitive and private.

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