Bartz Klauser joins Dissidia Final Fantasy, battle trailer video reveals

Square Enix’s Dissidia Final Fantasy 2015 got an additional new battle trailer in which a Final Fantasy V character, Bartz Klauser, is revealed.

The 2015 video game was initially announced during the Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) trade show in Chiba, Japan on February 14, 2015 and is expected to roll out in the last quarter of 2015, hitting the shelves of all major video gaming markets all around the globe. Japan will be the first to get the title on November 26.

Furthermore, a PlayStation 4 version could be available later on 2016.

Other battle trailers that have been released so far introduced Cecil Harvey, the Onion Knight, Firion and the Warrior of Light.

With every day that passes, we get closer to the release date, and the company will be counting down with a battle trailer released each day. So that leaves us with 9 more characters to see.

Following the timeline according to which all characters entered the world of the Final Fantasy series, Terra from Final Fantasy VI should be next, leading all the way into Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV Online. And with a little bit of luck, we’ll might even get to see Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics.

As for Bartz – also known in Japan as Butz – the trailer did a good job demonstrating his job changing skills. Ironically, this character seems to be the master of everything except having a defined personality.

If you’re hot for the game, stay tuned and we will keep updating you with any further notice.

Who do you think that we’ll see in the next battle trailer? Make a guess, but hurry up, because we’ve got only a few hours left before Square Enix releases the next video!

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