Apple Watch 2 Rumor Roundup: Features, Specifications, Price

Apple Watch 2 will be unveiled before the end of December 2016. This is because the currently available Apple Watch was launched in April 2015, which is well over one year. Apple’s typical refresh cycle has ended and there is a strong possibility for the Cupertino-based company to release a new model with latest features. According to sources, we can expect the launch of Apple Watch 2 around autumn. The launch of watchOS 3 beta at this year’s WWDC gives a strong possibility about the imminent launch of Apple Watch 2. The new beta version includes several feature and improvements. In addition to the new Apple Watch 2, you can also expect the launch of new colors and bands.

Apple Watch 2: Barometer and GPS

The forthcoming Apple Watch will be equipped with a new Barometer sensor, which helps you to measure altitude. This feature will be useful during hill or stair climbing and will be very useful for wearables.

The upcoming Apple Watch will have its own dedicated GPS chip to enable you to locate things without depending on an iPhone. This feature will be useful for mapping and fitness apps, which heavily depend on upon GPS data.

Apple Watch 2: Better waterproofing and Enhanced Battery

The currently available Apple Watch has waterproof capabilities. However, you can’t use it while swimming. The new Apple Watch will be water-resistant and can be used even in extreme conditions.

Apple Watch 2 will be integrated with an improved battery, software optimizations including an S2 processor for reduced heating. The addition of power-saving internal components will lead to enhanced battery life.

Apple Watch 2: Thinner body and Faster processor

If rumors are to be believed, Apple Watch 2 is expected to ship with a thinner body due to the integration of an OLED display. However, you need not have to expect a highly thinner Apple Watch. This is because Apple is giving importance to battery life than thickness.

In all probability, Apple Watch 2 will be equipped with S2 processor manufactured by TSMC. You will be able to load apps quickly with a reduction in battery life.

Apple Watch 2 other Features

In addition to Apple Watch 2, you can expect the release of new expensive bands. There are rumors that Apple Watch 2 will be infused with mobile connectivity features. You can expect a 3G/4G SIM card slot. The new refreshed watchOS 3 has landed. You can expect it inside the new Apple Watch 2. To attract users, Apple is expected to fix the pricing of Apple Watch 2 lower than other competing products.

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