Apple iPhone SE cases and covers available online right now

The new iPhone SE makes for the perfect device for those who’d prefer it to be of more manageable size. With a 4-inch display, the iPhone SE can be just right for one-handed operation besides being pocket-friendly as well.

The device is also quite a looker even though it shares a lot of similarity with the iPhone 5S, what with that superb metal clad rear with the Apple logo occupying pride of place. Unfortunately, it can’t be kept as such and has to be encased in a protective covering to ensure no unwanted scratches marring the beautiful metal surface.

Presented here are a few cases that not only add a protective covering to the iPhone SE but also add to its appeal as well.


Perhaps the biggest plus with the X-Doria cases is that it carries the same look as the iPhone itself, complete with the Apple logo along with the iPhone badge at the rear. Much of that owes it to the use of the same color options as Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold for the cases which happens to be the same as the iPhone model itself.

Color apart, the cases are made of anodized aluminum with a soft TPU covering for enhanced protection. Also, of course, the case provides access to all ports and buttons in the most unhindered manner.

The X-Doria Bump Gear Plus costs $24.99.

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This is clearly for those who live the hard life and need to be prepared for any eventuality. According to the company, the basic Survivor Core case will ensure your SE survives drops from a height of even 6-ft and features opening for quick access to ports and camera. The touch shell will ensure the rear or sides of the SE remain protected even when dropped on pavement or car parking lots which pretty much covers normal usage scenarios.

Available in seven color options, the Survivor Core is priced $29.99.

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Survivor All-Terrain case

Then there is also the Survivor All-Terrain case from Griffin that ensures your SE survives even apocalyptic like scenarios. Towards that, the case allows for complete all round protection, which includes sealed ports along with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame which the makers claim to meet or even exceed the US Department of Defence Standard 810F. The Survivor All-Terrain case is the toughest to have ever been made for the iPhone and can be picked up from Amazon for $10.49 or $49.99 when purchased directly from Griffin.

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Here is another case that too offers complete protection from most unwanted scenarios such as accidental drops and such. To help achieve that, the OtterBox Defender Series Case comes with a triple layer protection that includes an inner shell, outer slipcover along with a screen protector.

Then there are the port protectors to ensure the port openings do not prove to be an Achilles heel for the case and prevent seepage of dust and grime from those. The Defender Series Case come in several color options and starts at $21.97 on Amazon.

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Symmetry Series:

Then there also is the Symmetry Series Case also from OtterBox that too offer the same levels of protection that the company is known for. However, unlike the Defender Series Case, Symmetry Series Case comes with just a single layer of protection which includes a screen bumper for added side protection. Price starts at $9.99 on Amazon.

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The tempered glass covering promises to save the iPhone SE from accidental scratches or bruises. It also comes with an oil-resistant coating that allows for silk smooth finger travel without compromising on touch sensitivity.

The Zagg Glass can be ordered from Amazon for $16.82.

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Pad & Quill: 

The Little Pocket Book from Pad & Quill is essentially an SE case and wallet combo. It has a slightly retro look and feel to it and is made of handmade American top grain leather with the inner cradle made of Baltic Birch Wood to hold the SE in place.

The Little Pocket Book sells for $59.95 from Pad & Quill.

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The CandyShell Inked cases from Speck allow for military grade protection to the SE while still coming across as a colorful and fun inducing alternative to the heavy duty cases. What’s more, the exterior graphics of which there are many options are immune to scratches while being fade resistant as well.

Prices start at $25.99 from Amazon.

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