Apple iPhone 8 to release with glove-friendly display

Apple Inc. has just published a pattern application which regards a sort of technology that makes the iPhone’s display glove-friendly, meaning that users will be now able to use their iPhone and have their gloves on.

Besides the poor battery performance, one of the major flaws that diminish the practicality of the iPhone is the lack of a display that is capable of sensing your moving fingertip whilst being covered by a thin layer of wool.

We all know that during those snowy winter days, using your smartphone’s frozen glass display with a naked hand is quite the feat.

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Rivals, including the arch enemy that is Samsung, have incorporated the particular gimmick a long time ago, while Cupertino is struggling to decide whether to kill the iconic home button in favor of an extra display inch or not.

Evidently, those days will soon come to an end, as Apple has just filed a pattern application for a new technology that implements the said feature.

More specifically, the company notes:

“In some examples, in addition to using a signal density make threshold to identify an input patch as touching the surface, a signal density stability threshold can be used to identify the input patch as touching the surface. In [other] examples, a weighted average of peak signal density contributions from recent identified touches can be computed to dynamically adjust the make threshold for new input patches.”

Of course, we can only hope that the feature will make its debut as soon as the iPhone 7 comes to life next year, though, at the current moment at hand, it seems unlikely, as analysts with sources close to Cupertino have not made any remarks concerning Apple having a glove-friendly display in the pipeline for the tenth iteration of the line-up.

Hence, it would be much safer to presume that the glove-friendly screen will make its first appearance along with the iPhone 8, which this week’s rumor mill has it sporting a Samsung OLED display.

The aforementioned handset will be ostensibly launched in 2018.

Source: US Patent & Trademark Office.

Staff writer at Technology News Extra.

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