Apple iPhone 6 explodes, man suffers third-degree burn

A biker in Australia recently had his inner thigh severely burnt after the iPhone 6 he was carrying in his back pocket exploded.

The incident occurred when Gareth Clear, an avid biker had a fall from his bike, which he chose to describe as just a minor incident. However, the impact, howsoever minor it might be eventually led to the iPhone 6 battery to explode.

The first thing that caught the attention of the 36-year-old was thick smoke billowing from his rear pocket which was immediately followed by searing pain. In fact, the heat generated was so intense that it had already melted the thick fabric he was wearing and was eating into the flesh.

Clear said he also suffered burns in his fingers as he attempted to dislodge the iPhone 6 that seemed to have firmly lodged into his thigh muscles. He eventually managed to get rid of the device using his fist, but not before what was to be later diagnosed as third-degree burns. Clear is now recuperating after a successful skin grafting operation that will keep him confined to the hospital for almost a week.

According to Clear, what amazed him most is that the fall from his bike which caused some minor scratches at best was enough to trigger the iPhone to explode. He is also eager to create awareness among fellow iPhone users about the perils that the Apple device might pose on the back of the horrors that he went through.

“Every iPhone is the same – if it happens to one, it will happen to another one. I was just lucky I was wearing pretty thick clothing and it was on my lower body. It could hurt someone else much more than it did me,” said Clear.

Apple meanwhile has responded to Clear’s Twitter posting of the incident and has promised to further investigate into the matter.

Interestingly, the above comes on the back of a similar incident in which two Xiaomi devices – Mi 5 and Mi 4i – exploded within a short span of time. Of the two, the Mi 5 which exploded in China seems to have the battery to blame, though.

In the other incident which happened in Gurgaon, India, the Mi 4i was seen suddenly bursting into flames while it was being used placed on the desk. Fortunately, no one is known of have been severely injured though Xiaomi is yet to come out with any official explanation on the issue.

With manufacturers tending to pack in bigger and bigger batteries on their smartphone devices as they attempt to further enhance the usage time, perhaps it’s also time they ensure such incidents don’t get repeated again.

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