Apple iOS 9.3.4 update with security fix released ahead of iOS 10 roll out

It could be the last update before the end of the iOS 9, and iOS 10 will make its grand appearance this fall. The Cupertino-based electronics giant rolled out its iOS 9.3.4 update, a crucial security update and it has been recommended for all the iPhone and iPad users and other devices based on the iOS platform.

The 25.1 MB update will keep all the devices comes on the close heels of iOS 9.3.3 which was released about two weeks ago. Apple has not elaborated on the need for the latest update other than that it is crucial for covering the chinks in the security of the device.

The update is for iPhone and iPad and has not been rolled for iPod touch. It is minuscule update and can be easily received over the air(OTA), but you will need at least 50% battery to complete it safely.

The latest update comes at the fag end of the productive life of iOS 9 since the iOS 10 is expected to be rolled out next month. The patch up is for security, so there is not much discernable difference.

The update is rumored to fix a memory corruption issue, and it was related to improving memory handling. The issue was brought into notice by a team of jailbreakers –Team Pangu and has been acknowledged by the iPhone maker.

The update will render ineffective the latest jailbreak for iOS 9 and if security is not much of a concern, better refrain from updating.

It is the fourth update for the iOS 9.3 which was released in March 2016. The March update was comprehensive and added some features which include Night Shift feature, Touch ID support for taking notes, a more expanded health app profile News app customization features and improvement to the Music app in CarPlay.

Apple iOS 10 release date

The iOS 10 is expected to be released this fall, and it could happen together with the launch of the iPhone 7. The iOS 10 will see a sea change in features and abilities, something which Apple is known for but has not happened for a couple of years. The iOS 10 is rumored to feature a lock screen which will be more interactive.

The QuickType keyboard will become more intelligent and contextual based upon the content written. The Memory features are also believed to be entirely overhauled and will feature better facial recognition. The Maps and Message application is also getting a facelift and is rumored to support third party application integration.

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