Apple iOS 10 Public Beta 2: Features you should know

Public betas for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are doing the rounds as Apple prepares to launch both the products in the coming fall. The beta does not only bring bug fixes but a couple of new features which can probably change the way how Apple users use their devices. Whether the features make it to the final release, that’s a different story. Let’s check out the features.

1. Device unlocking iOS 9 Style

Although a subtle change, but the second beta for iOS 10 has reversed the process of unlocking the phone. In iOS 9, users could unlock the device by tapping the Home button. With iOS 10, unlocking the device will retain users on the lock screen, only to tap the home button again for accessing the apps.

So, now the Touch ID will work like it used to with iOS 9. Settings> General> Accessibility> Home Button and select Reset Finger to Open.

2. iCloud File Syncing

This new feature spells out convenience because it allows the MacBook users to automatically sync the desktop and documents folder using iCloud.

To activate this, jump into the System Preferences app (iCloud pane) and click the Options button. Once you are there, tick the box for Desktop and Document folders.

Note- With this, you might have to pay for extra iCloud storage.

3. Using Mac with the Apple Watch

An Apple Watch running watchOS 3 can help you unlock your Mac. The second Public Beta needs you to wear the Apple watch while approaching the MacBook. The MacBook will unlock automatically as the proximity decreases implying there’s no need to learn a password. Suggestion- It is always healthy to use one as a backup.

The last feature will require the user to have an Apple developer account due to the absence of public beta of WatchOS3.

If interested in joining the Apple Beta Software Program, follow this link.

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