Apple iOS 10 Beta 4 for iPhone and iPad brings redesigned emojis, control center, more

Apple has released iOS 10 beta 4 to developers with refreshed emoji, new emoji characters, revamped keyboard sounds, new control center, wallpaper and much more. Like all another beta update, the latest release includes minor updates and tweaks ahead of the final release next month.

According to sources, Apple will release iOS 10 along with iPhone 7 in September. The latest beta is available via OTA for all users who have installed the first three betas or the beta configuration profiles.

New features in iOS 10 Beta 4


In iOS 10 Beta 4, Apple has integrated new emojis, which is designed to promote gender equality. You will be able to find several emoji based on professions and activity in both male and female variants. The emojis adds a new texture with minor design tweaks.

Control Center

You will be able to find an introduction screen when you open the control center for the first time. The screen will provide relevant instructions to swipe left to access the various control center cards.

Haptic Feedback

In iOS beta 3, Apple had added haptic feedback which automatically locks the iPhone when pressing the power button. The beta 4 has improved this feature and hence you no longer experience a haptic feedback buzz when locking an iPhone.


iOS Beta 4

The Color Filters option comes with a set of colored pencils to reveal the various color options instead of a color grid. You can access this option from the Accessibility section of the Settings app. With the help of this feature, you will find a better idea of the different ways by which each setting is displayed on an iOS device.

Notification Center and Home

In iOS 10 beta 4, you will notice that the widgets screen displays the date. You can access the widgets section by swiping to the right in the notification center.

The iOS 10 beta 4 comes with tweaked home app icons in the control center.

Keyboard Sounds

The latest beta 4 update offers a unique sound for the Backspace, which is different from the key press sounds. You will notice new sounds for space, return, shift, and number/emoji shift.


Apple has removed few old wallpaper options. You will also notice that the mountain wallpaper with stars has been again added, which was previously available in an iOS version.

You can expect Apple to unveil the final release of iOS 10 along with the upcoming release of iPhone 7 in September. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro will ship with iOS 10.

‘Want to upgrade to new iOS 10? You may need an iPhone manager to manage the content on iPhone or iPad after upgrading to iOS 10.

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