Apple Campus 2 constuction detailed in 4K drone footage

The current condition at the Apple Campus 2 has been captured. Flying above the 176 acres area, the video footage shows the under construction Neo-futurism architecture gradually taking shape. Mountains of dirt are seen diminishing with the gradual development of the aesthetics of the campus.

In the video, cranes are seen lifting and placing iron structures into position. A pond and garden are seen to be in the developmental stage inside the campus. The drone flies right on top of the 100,000 fitness arena almost completed. In the front, adequate space is left vacant for the construction of a tennis court and a basketball court. We can also see the huge parking lot of the Apple Campus 2.

The structures of the security booths have already been put at the entrance of the brand new arena of the Cupertino giant. The enormous primary research and development center is seen to be almost finished. This is one of the most important areas of the company. Various smaller research facilities are also being scattered near the main building.

Lots and lots of cranes are seen working continuously to finish the gigantic project. An auditorium along with a parking place for visitors are being built at the North Tantau side of the campus. A number of buildings are being constructed nearby which will possibly be used as office space or research and development center.

A massive parking complex is seen having a total area of 2,000,000 square feet. Generators and fuel cells are seen lining up at the side of the garage. The drone has also captured the maintenance space spread across 2,500 sq ft, which is about to be developed. Large solar panels are seen behind each other waiting to be placed into their respective positions.

The exterior of the spaceship-themed campus is seen to be in the final stages of development. The ventilation and air conditioning facilities along with solar panels are being fitted on the roofs of the buildings.

Apple has set a target to complete the brand new Apple Campus 2 within the last quarter of the current year. The company wishes to start bringing employees to the location as early as the fist quarter of 2017.

The campus is the dream project of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. The campus design was selected by Jobs himself. The vast arena is aimed to be the workplace of about 13,000 people.

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