AMD Zen Summit Ridge octa-core CPU to compete with Intel processors in 2017

AMD has recently launched new AMD Zen processor series in San Francisco near Intel’s Developer Forum. The new AMD Zen processors will likely compete with the upcoming new Intel Core processors in early 2017. The newly launched AMD processors are available in both consumer-grade and the server data center markets. According to reports, Intel is expected to launch Kaby Lake processor in January with improved features and enhanced cooling mechanism. The AMD Zen processor ships with the new 14nm FinFET method. This is employed in the Radeon RX 480, RX 470 and RX 460 graphics cards.

Improved IPC

According to AMD, the new Zen processor features improved 40 percent instructions per cycle (IPC) compared with the previous generation. Hence, the new AMD Zen processors will be not only efficient in terms of power consumption but also reduces extreme heating during gaming.

Simultaneous Multithreading technology

The new AMD Zen processor will be an excellent competitor to Intel Kaby Lake processor bEause of the integration of Simultaneous Multithreading technology.

If you look at the features of Intel processor, the new feature in AMD processor is somewhat similar to that of the HyperThreading feature. Furthermore, an 8MP L3 cache is also added to the AMD Zen processor in addition to a bigger shared L2 cache for the instructions.

AMD Zen for data centers

On the server segment, AMD has launched the new Zen processor, which can be used for data centers. The new AMD Naple is a 32-core Zen CPU. It features 64 threads for each processor, which amounts to 128 for a dual socket system setup.

The company will unveil a wide range of Zen server CPU and motherboards at the forthcoming SuperComputing conference in November 2016. AMD is planning to supply the Zen CPU to server computers from the second quarter of 2017.

The new AMD Zen processors are manufactured in such a way that it handles power consumption in an effective way. It will result in an enhanced battery life on laptops. Moreover, you will be able to work with your device in a cooler way. Earlier, AMD processors were widely criticized for the notorious heating.

4K video support

The new Zen processors will also provide support for 4K video and Virtual Reality. The processors will be better than the previous counterparts and will be on par with the latest Intel processors.

AMD Zen Summit Ridge launch

You can expect the launch of AMD Zen Summit Ridge consumer-grade processor in 2017. It will feature an octa-core 16-thread desktop processor with support for DDR4 RAM. Moreover, it will also provide support for a new AMD4 platform for compatible motherboards in the future.

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