AEREO – Here to WiFi Your City with Starry

Chet Kanojia, founder of AERO, announces new start-up – called Starry – that will WiFi our entire cities, faster than wired broadband, at fractions of the cost. The company announced that it is ready to take on the country’s biggest Internet providers and convert our cities to a faster wireless connection that will be available to anyone.

How it Works

It’s amazingly simple how Starry works. To deliver signals, known as high freguency waves, to homes across a city, Starry will install what they call Starry Beams on rooftops and antennas. Starry Beams can cover approximately 2 square kilometers. To connect, homes can simply place connectivity hubs called Starry Points in their windows. There are no wires to connect, simply connecting through broadcasted high-frequency millimeter waves. Using air to connect rather than wires, reduces the costs of installation dramatically.

What’s the Cost?

There is no telling how low the Internet costs will go for the average home. It is expected that the Starry wireless connection will be much cheaper than the standard broadband available currently. No monthly costs have yet to be determined for the consumer, but the lower costs are expected due to the average per home installation and deployment costs. While the average wired Internet provider costs about $2500 per home, Starry’s is only $25.

When Will it Begin? 

Starry is already working quietly to install these beams. While homes may be eagerly awaiting Starry’s arrival, they have to continue to deal with the high costs of bundles, and wired providers. It won’t be long though, Starry’s first test market, beginning this summer, is Boston.

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