6 Delusions Which Android App Developers Must Avoid When Designing Games

  1. Levying for downloads

Charging is a huge blunder for both Android and iOS apps. No matter, how captivating the Android app or game is, the users are not forthcoming to pay a charge for downloading a game lest there is a valid purpose to do it.

In this situation, the users can consider the Freemium model where downloading the app has no charge but there will be future charges.

  1. Not featuring a business prototype

It is mandatory to consider both development and advertising with the same priority. Nevertheless how good an app is, an advertising plan has to be formulated which encompasses acquisition of downloads and users ,divulging regarding the product on social media and branding the game by other alternatives.

  1. Not adapting to the contrasting features of the platforms

Dissimilarities emerge during the stages of game development and reach advertising. Since Android is an open source language a lot of info is available regarding app development along with more selections and likelihoods to venture out when it comes to advertisements.

Being an Android App developer it is well inculcated that every store has its distinct terms which have to be observed. This impacts the revenue generating aspect of the game.

  1. Presumptuous branding:

By exhibiting advertisements in the app, revenue generation is feasible. A captivating game featuring money making logic corresponding to the time the users view the screen is a good move.

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