5 Must-Buy PS4 Games for Christmas 2016

Looking for the perfect gift for a console gamer? Look no further and check out the selection of the best PS4 games for Christmas 2016. The list has a nice mixture of new and old, from shooting genre to VR to guarantee everyone finds something.

1. Uncharted 4

PS4 Games Uncharted 4The hottest game of 2016 has to be Uncharted 4. The game is the swansong of the series and it says goodbye in a stunning way – although it doesn’t seem to be the end for all characters. The game is beautifully made and the gameplay is smooth. The story is fun and you feel for the characters. There’s plenty of action from driving fast vehicles to shooting down bad guys. Uncharted 4 is a superbly fun game to play over the holidays.

2. Bloodborne

PS4 Games BloodborneDark Souls III was one of the year’s best games and if you are a fan of the series, you should check out Bloodborne. The game isn’t the newest, but it’s so good it doesn’t really matter. The creator behind Bloodborne is the same as Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki and the story is shrouded in mystery. The battles are hard, the graphics are amazing, and the music is stunning.

3. The Witness

PS4 Games The WitnessThe Witness is one of those games that kept you waiting, but in the end it is all worth it. The game took nearly seven years to complete. The game is a puzzle-led adventure and its fun to play alone or with a group of people helping you. Now, the game doesn’t necessarily start in the most exciting way and you might spend a bit of time thinking what has Thelka Inc. done. But gradually the puzzles get better and the story takes you with it. Just try not to start solving it in the middle of the night, as you might not be able to sleep for hours!

4. Rez Infinite

PS4 Games Rez InfiniteWhile the next game is for PS4, you would also need to have invested in Sony PlayStation VR set. The good news is that Santa Claus might just have answered your dreams and bought it as a present. On the other hand, most gaming retailers would have massive sales from Boxing Day onwards, so you could get your hands on virtual reality.

If you do, Rez Infinite is the game to buy. The game is fantastically trippy and provides you with tons of joy. The version is a total reboot of the classic rhythmic shooting game, so there is something warmly familiar with it.

5. Until Dawn

PS4 Games Until DawnAlthough Christmas is a peaceful time and the next game might have been more suited for your Halloween parties, Until Dawn is worth every penny. The horror game seen has not always produced the most exciting games, but Until Dawn adds plenty of fun to the scene. The game has a unique approach to horror, which works for its benefit. Instead of going down the first-person-view jump scares, you are in the middle of a teen winter retreat in the movie and have the ability to switch characters. The game has interesting narrative; the characters are warm and relatable, making you feel actually fearful for their lives. More importantly, the horror in the game is real and there are plenty of unexpected moments of sheer fear. So, if you are ready to be spooked, Until Dawn is your pick.

Finding the best gaming gifts

When you’re picking out your Christmas presents and it’s time to select the games for PS4 players, the above list is a must-have. This Christmas you can find a lot of deals to cut down the cost of your gaming gifts. Online retailers are offering special discount and these are especially great for buying multiple games or getting your hands on Sony’s VR. While it’s getting close to Christmas, you can still shop online with some retailers. Top Gaming vendors like Game, MyMemory, Cuckooland & more are offering Christmas delivery, with plenty of discounts to add a special magic to your gift. So, do a bit of comparison before you choose your products and be mindful of the delivery times.

Whether you are buying a gaming gift for a loved one or treating yourself this Christmas, the above five PS4 games are a must-have for 2016. You’ll have loads of fun playing them this festive season.

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