5 mistakes to be avoided while using LinkedIn

In the beginning of the new digital era, where each and every finger is scrolling down throughout the internet surf, social media has spread fire since it has been introduced. Certain online platforms have been generated to monetize the business online.

But before surfing on enormous waves generated by Internet Ocean, just sit back for some time and analyze the data which will be providing where it goes, is it safe and secure, and other numerous security checks.

So let’s start with a known professional networking company based on social platform LinkedIn. Users have a misconception about the fact that after login in to the profile, they can reach to the biggest business heads and other similar people.

Below are some mistakes which should be avoided while operating LinkedIn network:

Standard Networking

Most of the new users, who are unaware about the irrelevant invitations, keep accepting every random invites without cross checking the overall profile of the sender, hence be selective and be unique.

Use of keywords

Linkedin allows the user to select the keyword which is related to their respective field or area of experience. However, using unnecessary keywords to increase the value in the professional network displays a picture of unprofessionalism, no matter what kind of degree you have.

No profile picture

It has been proved that profile with proper picture of yours, attracts more users to visit your profile. Do not upload a cartoon picture, blurred image or no image as LinkedIn could give an opportunity for job too, so the recruiter would rarely visit a profile with no image or inappropriate image.

There’s no space to Hangout

The LinkedIn network isn’t a social media website where you can just add the party photographs, lovely quotes, and all that you do on your Facebook wall. Don’t ever thing about it, as you can be judged on every single post and information you write in your details.

Connecting with unknown people

The people you will find on the LinkedIn network will be CEOs, MDs, founders, or other upper level management guys. So don’t just throw away your connection request. People out there won’t waste their time in accepting irrelevant request and chats.

So guys, if you have just passed out and are looking forward to enter in professional network, LinkedIn is the place. But try to avoid these mistakes.

Poonam Bhosale-Gorade undertook the post of Team Lead–Content Writer in October 2016, following a 3-year stint as a writer and editor of books, reports, special publications, and others at various organizations. She holds a BE degree in Information technology from Indira College of Engineering and Management (2013, graduating with distinction). It’s her unprejudiced love for writing which brought her into the world of content. Her hobbies include reading books, writing on Quora, trekking, playing badminton, etc.

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