5 Main Mistakes Users Make While Choosing a Smartphone

Today, each modern smartphone lets you do everything you want. Even with the cheapest device, you can watch movies, film videos, and place bets on 22bet.ug/live/. But most users overpay because they make these 5 crucial mistakes.

Main Mistakes Users Make While Choosing a Smartphone

Buying a Phone With Minimal Memory Space

Many people think this way: I’ll take the minimum, 32 gigabytes is enough, and if anything happens, there is a memory card. But not all apps can be downloaded on the memory card. Moreover, more than 10 out of these 32 gigabytes are for the system and pre-installed apps that can not be removed.

Besides, as practice shows, the less memory the smartphone has, the faster the degradation of flash memory, which leads to a slowdown of the smartphone in general.

Buying a Device With a Small Amount of RAM

Most people do not pay attention to such an important parameter of the smartphone as RAM. You should not buy a device with 1 or 2 gigabytes of RAM. The minimum is 3, and the more the better.

After all, the amount of temporary memory affects the speed of the device, the operation of simultaneous apps, and most importantly the stability of the smartphone.

The More Cores in the Processor, the Better

Many people mistakenly believe that if they buy a smartphone with an 8-core processor, they will get a real “miracle of technology”. But the latest iPhone has “only” 6 cores. It’s not really that simple. For example, take the 8-core processor. Isn’t it cool? In fact, it has 4 active cores and 4 power saving cores. And half of the cores can be generally “energy saving”, that is, running at a frequency much lower than the other cores.

The More Megapixels, the Better Photos

The number of megapixels only affects what screen you will be looking at the photo on. If you are going to print posters, then yes, the more megapixels the better.

But for normal use (Instagram, social networks, photos), it is better to look at the shooting modes of the smartphone, the number of cameras, and sensors. Also parameters such as optical stabilization, autofocus and sensor size are important.

The Race for 4K

The 4K screen is virtually indistinguishable from regular FullHD, so why overpay? So is shooting video. Most people watch videos only on their smartphone screens.

Why, then, do you need 4K shooting support if you’re not going to display the image on a huge screen? 4K in a smartphone in 90% of cases is just a marketing ploy. Now 4K is already in many smartphones, but it should not be a 100% priority when buying a device.

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