Xiaomi and Huawei to enter the Drone market in 2016

A new report has surfaced online suggesting that Huawei’s and Xiaomi’s first entry to the drone market could hit the shelves sooner that we thought.

Rumors claiming that the two Chinese smartphone giants have drones under the works, have been flooding the web for months now. Though, we now have more concrete intel regarding the subject, as industry analyst, Pan Jiutang, has unveiled a handful of info that seems quite interesting.

More specifically, Pan Jiutang sources, which are close to both Huawei and Xiaomi, suggest that the two giants are currently racing to deliver the perfect affordable drone.

It is speculated that the two unmanned consumer drones will aim towards the low-tier pricing range, while maintaining an outstanding quality and packing a selection of premium features.

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Moreover, both Xiaomi’s and Huawei’s alleged tactic has indeed a lot of potential, as the majority of cheap drones are being poorly developed and can be quite faulty. The analyst also presumes that the two drones will be fitted with a high quality and drop-resistant camera, embed on the bottom, that way becoming a threat towards GoPro rival as well.


Like with other products, sources report that the two companies will initially roll out the drones in their home country, China, and then make waves to the US and European market.

A precise release date has not been disclosed by sources yet, though judging from the purported time that the two gadgets have been under the works, we estimate that they will both debut sometime during mid-2016 in China, while the US and European date should be during the first weeks of Q4- keep a grain of salt though.

Are you planning on buying either of the two drones? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: MyDrivers.com

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