Wolfe Kickstarter project turns MacBook into high-end gaming machine

We all know that Apple’s MacBooks are not ideal for hard-core gaming. They only come with moderate GPU capability to perform general tasks. With the Wolfe, you can transform your MacBook into an extreme gaming machine more powerful than average desktops and gaming consoles. Wolfe will enable you to channelize the power of a high-end desktop graphics card into your MacBook.

The new gadget has the potential to significantly increase the GPU performance of you Mac. Wolfe can harness the power of a real desktop graphics card and transfer it to your MacBook. It connects to your Mac through a Thunderbolt port, and it supports Thunderbolt 1, 2 and 3. Wolfe will help you achieve your desired level of performance only when in need. Rest of the time, you can enjoy the portability of your MacBook while you don’t require that additional processing power.

Wolfe and Wolfe Pro Specs

The Wolfe will be available in two variants – the Wolfe and the Wolfe Pro. The Wolfe will pack in a NVIDIA GTX 950 graphics card with up to 1.57 Teraflops power. The GPU has 768 processing cores running at 1024 MHz.

The Wolfe Pro is the flagship model, and it comes with the NVIDIA GTX 970 which boasts a peak power of 3.49 Teraflops. This GPU has a total of 1664 cores clocked at 1050 MHz. Each variant comes with three DisplayPorts, one HDMI port, and a Thunderbolt port and consumes 220 Watt.

Wolfe has already able to collect adequate funding for its project in Kickstarter and will begin to ship in early next year. The team behind this project has mentioned about a possibility that the Wolfe Pro may come with the NVIDIA GTX 1060 instead of the GTX 970. This would further improve the performance.

If your Mac has multiple Thunderbolt ports, you will be able to connect more than one Wolfe simultaneously. However, only the applications supporting multi-GPU setup will be able to rope the benefits.

The Wolfe comes in a compact form which is very much portable, and you can carry it along with your MacBook without much bulk. The Wolfe will ship with a special software will allow you to switch between the internal Graphics cards to the GPU in Wolfe effortlessly. The Wolfe Manager software will also give you the freedom to customize which applications you want to run using the Wolfe or with the internal resources.

Wolfe and Wolfe Pro Price and Availability

The Wolfe will add enough power to your MacBook to make it fully compatible with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift. The upcoming gadget can also work with other laptops or desktops with Thunderbolt ports. The Wolfe is currently priced at $449, and the Wolfe Pro costs $599. The shipping is scheduled to begin in February 2017.

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