Windows Apps Being Quietly Developed For The Rumored Microsoft Foldable Device

Rumors and past patents of Microsoft from all over the web have been representing that the firm might be operating on a device similar to a foldable tablet. Adding to those rumors, a website has now emerged with some more data on the speculated device.

Windows Apps Being Quietly Developed For The Rumored Microsoft Foldable Device

As per the website, Microsoft is already operating on the apps of Universal Windows Platform optimized for the foldable tablet for dual screen. The gadget might also back Pen input, the function of which might do more than just utilizing it in OneNote. It might be employed for Calendar, Mail, and other apps too. “Microsoft is operating on improving its apps for a setup of dual screen as I have heard from various insiders from the firm claiming that UWP apps for dual panel are now being silently designed. Pen input will play a significant part of the knowledge but it goes more than OneNote to comprise Calendar, Mail, and other apps as well,” says the website.

It has been speculated that Alex Kipman is operating on the dual display of the tablet. The display might support a holographic screen. Confirming earlier rumors, it has been cited that the tablet might support abilities of telephony as well. Earlier report from the website of Windows Central claimed that telephony capability, in addition with the foldable design, is expected to pit it in opposition to large screen phablets and smartphones. On the other hand, the report claims that the handset is not meant to reinstate handsets.

Microsoft is being claimed to position the hardware as a completely featured handset folio. It has not been cited when Microsoft aims to roll out the device in the industry or if it is even aiming to do so. Nevertheless, if the above-mentioned rumors are true, the tablet will be giving rise to a new category of device in itself.

On the other hand, fans require not build expectations on a “Surface Phone” that has been rumored ever since quite some time. For now, fans need to just focus on the above-mentioned foldable tablet. Let us see if the rumors were true or not.

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