Windows 10 Anniversary update available on August 2: Features, availability

Microsoft Corp has officially announced that it will start pushing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update from 2nd August.

The next big update to the Windows operating system will bring some serious enhancements to the Cortana and the Windows Ink on top of several other major improvements. This update will also feature revamped Microsoft Edge Browser and Windows Defender. Every Windows 10 user will get this update free of cost from Microsoft.

Released on 29th July 2015, the Windows 10 is currently running on over 350 million devices worldwide. Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 were given a chance to upgrade to the new operating system free of cost. This free upgrade initiative will end on 29th July 2016 exactly a year after the launch of Windows 10.

With the Anniversary Update, Microsoft promises to facilitate improved productivity with enhanced security.

Windows Hello

Microsoft’s Windows Hello enables the use of face detection, fingerprint or iris verification instead of a conventional password. To use this feature, you need to have a supporting hardware like a fingerprint reader, iris scanner or a camera with face detecting capability. Windows Hello will now be natively supported in Windows applications and Microsoft Edge. With the Anniversary Update, you can also use your Windows 10 smartphone, Microsoft Band or other Windows Hello supported devices to securely sign in to your PC with ease. Microsoft Edge is the first browser in the world to natively facilitate the use of biometrics in supporting websites.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a free anti-malware software which comes pre-bundled with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The Defender has also received a number of improvements and added features. It now has an option to perform automatic Quick Scans of your PC periodically. After completion of every scan, the users will be notified about the result in a short summary.

The Anniversary Update will bring two new significant security features exclusively for the Enterprise users.

  1. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP): This is the Microsoft’s solution to the dangerous cyber-attacks which have become more frequent and aggressive recently. The attacks shatter corporate networks, by robbing data, infringing privacy and ruining client’s confidence. The WDATP comes with extensive threat intelligence and attack detecting ability, enabling enhanced detection, investigation and response to modern day network attacks.
  2. Windows Information Protection: Previously known as Enterprise Data Protection, it helps to secure users from accidental data breaches. With Anniversary update, Windows Information Protection will be able to separate personal and corporate data and secure the later.

Windows Ink

The Anniversary Update will feature a brand new Windows Ink, which will enable users to use a stylus or a pen to write efficiently on a PC with a touch supported the display. Using this new feature, students can jot down handwritten notes, designers can be more original, musicians can write music digitally without using a keyboard. Custom routes can also be drawn in Maps, handwriting can be used in Microsoft Office, users can draw an idea and more taking advantage of Windows Ink.


Cortana is Microsoft’s personal assistant. The Anniversary Update will enable users to place Cortana above the lock screen. Users shall be able to play music, ask questions and set a reminder, all without the need to unlock the PC. Cortana will synchronize your data with all of your devices having Cortana.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser is set to become much more power efficient from the upcoming update. It will use less RAM, fewer CPU cycles and reduce the impact of background content. Microsoft claims that the new Edge will last three hours longer than the Google Chrome. Extensions for the Microsoft’s browser will now be available officially in the Windows Store.

The Edge also features a new accessibility architecture which will support CSSS3, HTML5, ARIA and other modern web languages. Taking help from assistive technology, web contents are shown more clearly with lucid page structure.

Xbox Play

The imminent update brings the latest Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, which will make a game available both on a Windows 10 PC and Xbox One just with a single purchase of the game. The gameplay and achievements can also be synchronized between your Xbox One and PC. A new unified Windows Store will feature all Xbox Play Anywhere games which will be accessible both on PC and Xbox One. Xbox One will also support Cortana.

Although releasing on 2nd August, the Anniversary update will be rolled out in phases. So don’t panic if you haven’t got the update on the day releasing day, you will surely get it but maybe a couple of days later.

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