Will.i.am’s Startup Lifts $117 Million And Makes An Entry In The Enterprise Market

I.am+, the technological company established by entrepreneur and pop star Will.i.am, has lifted $117 Million in venture finance, the firm claimed to the media this week. In addition to this, it declared its entrance into the market of corporate computing for customer service with a voice assistant.

The firm, established in 2012, originally aimed on consumer electronics gadgets, for instance, headphones. The new artificial intelligence device, analogous to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, marks a jagged disappearance for the company, which now provides work for almost 300 people.

Its most fresh round of funding, an $89 Million spending by a group comprising Salesforce Ventures, concluded in March but had not been announced previously.

Will.i.am, who mounted to fame as a part of The Black Eyed Peas, claimed that the corporate market provided the firm a chance to quickly develop and deploy its assistant, dubbed as Omega.

“I required creating something that permits us to do much stuff,” claimed Will.i.am, chief executive and founder of the firm to the media in a telephone interview this week. “There is so much you can execute with a platform supported by voice.”

Though many athletes and celebrities comprising Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba,  and Joe Montana have made their path into the tech market via their own startups and investments, most have been inclined to aim on user technology.

I.am+’s 1st enterprise user is the parent company of T-Mobile and German telecommunications major, Deutsche Telekom AG. Ever since July, the firm has been utilizing Omega to fuel an AI user support Chabot and it aims to include a voice phone system shortly, claimed I.am+ to the media in an interview.

Will.i.am claimed user support is just the beginning of Omega. The aim is to utilize the tech to build various more voice products related to enterprise AI.

“One of those things is managing thousands of millions of inquiries of users about their data schemes at the same time,” Will.i.am claimed further in his statement. “If it can do that, the limit ids only your imagination.”

Well, let see how much progress does Will.i.am is able to make.

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