Why cIs Best For Marketing?

Social networking websites and apps enjoy a great amount of popularity these days with Instagram being the top most networks if one wants to be a blogger or build a brand. Although Facebook still has the largest number of users and largest numbers of active users among all the social networking websites and apps, yet Instagram is most loved because it brings in the largest amount of engagement. Instagram was a super hit ever since it was first started in 2010 and has reached 1 billion users recently.

The number of people advertising on Instagram has almost double in the last six months only and it is not stopping. It is very difficult to measure “engagement” because instagram or any website cannot keep track of how people are selling, how much they are selling, and numerous other factors. But in a survey that was conducted with just 2500 mid size influencers and advertisers, 70 percent thought that instagram was the best platform for engagement. The runner up was Facebook with just 17 percent. This is the reason why a lot of advertisers, brands, bloggers and influencers are spending money to buy real instagram followers.

The reason why instagram is most preferred is because it is very easy to use and exists only as a mobile app on Google and Apple app stores. It helps to edit, crop and post pictures and videos to the platform. The posting options and infinite scroll are some of the beautiful features of Instagram. Although one can write messages and captions along with the pictures and videos they upload, the gathering of information and knowledge through sight is preferred by human beings, which is why visual marketing has become the most important way of marketing in present generation.

Instagram is an app that provides this visual nature by letting people to see images or videos first in a very organized manner and later the messages or the captions. Instagram has done a great job of attracting people who are less than 30, and still has the energy that somehow Facebook and other networking websites has lost today. Unlike LinkedIn which is used for more professional type of networking, Instagram has very wider customer base. Hence there are numerous benefits of being popular on Instagram. A large number of social media followers make the person famous. Becoming famous completely changes the way one is treated in the society.

They always get preferred and talked nicely to in all places where ever they visit. A lot of advertisers and brands pay a lot of money to people with a large number of followers to endorse their products. Most of the top celebrities on Instagram earn their money by this method. But it takes huge amount of time and dedication in order to post hundreds and hundreds of images and videos and to subsequently gain a large amount of followers on Instagram. One has the opportunity these days to buy real instagram followers to expand their brand and themselves on the Instagram.

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