WhatsApp Messenger now has over 900 million monthly active users worldwide

WhatsApp has crossed the 900 million monthly active users mark, and Facebook has been crowned the king in mobile messaging. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum made this announcement on Facebook on Thursday.

How Many Users are using WhatsApp

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the two most popular apps. The former was bought by Facebook for billions. Facebook Messenger has also crossed the 700 million active user mark.

The number of Monthly active users may not be the best method to gauge the level of activity on any messaging app. WhatsApp has not given the figures of how many messages were sent each day. However, this does not dilute the feat of stupendous growth achieved by WhatsApp. WhatsApp has announced that it had crossed 800 million in April. In six months, it raked in another 100 million new users. It is no small feat since smartphone users spend more time in messaging apps than any other app.

How Many Users are using Twitter

In contrast, Twitter had in its kitty about 300 million active users while another Facebook-owned app, Instagram, which also has 300million active users. The road ahead is not smooth and WhatsApp faces stiff competition from Asian rivals. WhatsApp used to charge users $1 a year, with the first year free, before it was bought by Facebook. It is not clear how Facebook will monetize WhatsApp. WhatsApp made a profit of $15 million and a loss of $232.5 million.

Speaking at the company‚Äôs second quarter earning call Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said the company is still not ready to start extracting profits with Messenger or WhatsApp. Zuckerberg has already spoke that Facebook has a clear path ahead to make money from a product once it reaches the I billion mark.

Zuckerberg said in 2014 that that it would seem ludicrous, but things get interesting only after it crosses the 1 billion mark. Today 1 billion people use Facebook in a single day, and it is just the start of the process to connect the whole world.

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