Walmart plans fly drones in it stores to assist you in your shopping

Drone technology is now fully fledged with their functioning and majority of the failures are recovered such as a battery failure, handling the malfunction, hardware issues. It seems that drone will be the next helper and delivery person of the future.  Tech giants are applying this technology for their multipurpose projects such as internet drone from Facebook and Google. Deliveries of medical equipments and medicines are also successfully tested by using these spectacular flying technologies. Now the situation has standing on that platform, where drones technologies by itself asks what else you want me to do, bring it on.

Walmart plans fly drones in it stores to assist you in your shopping

The retail tech giant was on talks for longtime after its launch of drone delivery project. The concept was to deliver the packages through air without any human intervention and at your doorstep. Looking forward to adopt this technique, Walmart also wishes to launch this kind of drone based service to its customers. Now Buy Instant facebook followers and Buy UAE FB post likes too.

It isn’t clear that the retail giant Walmart has filed any patent for a system that can handle the products for the customers at the shopping facility. The control of these retail drones will be at the central unit which will assist the drones flying and avoid collision in stores.

Walmart believes that this technology would be convenient for the shoppers who face procurement issues and for those who are in hurry. Speaking about the practicality of the concept either drones would be accessible to the customers or customer will be kept away from the drones that retrieving the items.

Possibility is drone will pick the said items from the warehouse of the store or products will be placed on the top shelves.  Walmart is trying it’s hard to stay relevant as the numbers of online shoppers have increased on large numbers.

This concept by Walmart that is termed as In-store drone assistants look like a practical and reliable idea, so it will be quiet interesting to see where this undisclosed patent will take the mart.

Introduction of this in-door drone may also cut some jobs at Walmart but will also create some of the extra-efficient skilled jobs.


Robert says:

Yea right. To “assist you in your shopping”. How about to spy on you, so you don’t even think about shoplifting.

Gen says:

Terrible editing!!

Valerie Lawrence says:

Good, I hope they can stock shelves too. How big of a drone will it take to carry a gallon of juice?

ernie says:


Speedy says:

Can the drone assist you to write in English ?

Ernie says:

For crying out loud. Get someone to proof read your articles. It’s littered with grammatical errors.

Chris Williams says:

This will be a true test to see how the public responds to flying inquisitive robots.

My prediction is the formation of resistance will be very strong when robots start taking over job’s.

It could go badly very quickly….proceed with extreme caution.

mike says:

The only assistance I need in walmart is to unlock the ammo case and more cashiers during checkout.

Gary Ammon says:

We need to see more pictures of the prototype.
Gary Ammon Airforce Pilot.

Tar Zan says:

Much slow moderation

Of delay


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