Verizon releases mobile video service with possible TV streaming

WALL STREET, NY- Verizon Communications (NASDAQ: VZ) After Amazon’s acquisition of Elemental Technologies, Verizon seems to be the second company in a row to realize the possible profits that a company could make out of the video streaming industry.

This is the reason that Verizon is working on go90, a new mobile video service which was developed by OnCue video streaming technology, a company that Verizon purchased from Intel back in 2014.

Truth be told, a lot of quality work has been done on the new go90, a conclusion that comes naturally when one sees the content partners, with the most important ones among all being; National Football League, VH1, the Food Network and ESPN.

During an interview, Marni Walden, Verizon’s president of product innovation and new businesses, told Reuters:

“The thought is that there could be a companion product that would come at some point in the future that could be in home. Our focus is all on our mobile product today. We have to be successful with this product first and then we would have the right to say, ‘Yes, let’s go do the companion. We don’t believe trying to replace linear TV is the right thing,” Walden said. “We don’t think the initial model we saw in Intel Media with US$80 (RM343) broadband and US$80 (RM343) content was one we could win at, particularly with all of the clutter and noise in that same space.”

The project also offers a separate TV service that the users have to pay for through its FiOS unit. Though, compared to companies such as Netflix and Hulu, who are struggling to expand their targeting group, go90 is an ad-supported, short-form mobile video service with a lot of potential ahead.

If Verizon’s management of the project is concise, then the cellular giant might become a big player in video streaming as well.

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