Use Video Technology to Penetrate Your Target Markets

The definition and identification of target markets and audiences are necessary for a successful business, and using video is a proven method to penetrate these markets. Identifying demographics, interests, and specific customer groups is essential for marketing teams and overall business strategy. Once these markets are defined, the process of implementing a plan becomes simpler.

Executing a business strategy normally includes implementing a marketing strategy. Penetrating target audiences is a goal of any marketing strategy, and there are several ways to do so. One of the best ways in the digital age is through video, video software, and video technology.

Considering professional video production teams is an option if your company has the time and budget for it. When that isn’t an option, having a quick and simple online video-creation tool to use without having any background knowledge in production is important. Tools like mysimpleshow provide a platform for business professionals to create their own, high quality videos using a guided 4 step process within the tool. Professional storyline templates are offered, so you can easily make a video about anything from pitching a business strategy or introducing your company to sending an email invitation to your customers.

Videos pull people in, and should be used to engage and impact your target groups. There are convincing facts about using video that will sway any business professional into adopting it:

  • Visual information in videos is processed 60,000 times faster than text alone.
  • By 2017, 74 percent of all Internet traffic will be video. This is because 20% of Internet users will completely read the text content of a page, while 80% will watch a video on a web page.
  • YouTube is the number one video hosting site on the web. The site gets 1 billion visitors per month, making it the second largest search engine on the Internet, only second to Google.
  • 75% of Internet users will visit a company’s page after watching a video about the company elsewhere.

Videos can be used in countless ways to help penetrate your target markets. You should know which groups video has the largest impact on, of course (hint: millennials are definitely one of them). After your target groups and markets are defined, videos should be used to acquire and retain customers. To impact your audience, check out different ways to use video.

  • To Brand:
    Help establish your brand and strengthen your brand reputation using video. Brand recognition and customer loyalty can be generated using video for branding.
  • Give Insight:
    Provide customers with a look inside the company – show what you’re doing on a daily basis and who is working there. This will resonate more personally with the target audience, which could convert leads into customers.
  • Announce:
    Keep your target market and audience in the know. Show off your new product or service and inform customers about product updates.
  • Send E-Vites:
    Host an event for your target group, and invite them to it by sending an email with an evite video in it.
  • In E-Mails:
    Send out daily or weekly newsletters with video content to increase your email click through rate by 97%.
  • To Be Featured:
    Post related videos in your company blog. Having a video on the blog increases engagement because more people are likely to click on it.
  • On Landing Pages:
    Video content increases conversion because there is more information involved and mixed with a cool story. Google also loves videos – this type of content can increase your Google page ranking. Check out how to maximize SEO performance on landing pages here.
  • For Customer Engagement:
    Hold a video-making contest for leads and customers to increase involvement and engagement. Offer them a prize for the best video – a special free video on a topic of their choice.
  • Customer Interaction:
    Share videos on social media to interact with customers. Submitting videos for your video making contest on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram sounds like a great idea.
  • To Introduce:
    Tell interested leads and new customers what your business is all about. Give them a short introduction to your bread and butter, and the key players in the company.
  • To Explain:
    Having a video about your business’s mission and vision can impact anyone at any time. This video will attract people to your company and help you retain them as customers.
  • As Advertisements:
    Run video ads on video hosting sites or on sites frequented by your target audience to generate traffic and revenue.

Using video in a variety of ways is guaranteed to leave a meaningful impact on your target audience. Engagement levels within your target market should improve due to establishing brand recognition and credibility with video.

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