Uber terminates self-driving cars project

Are you eagerly waiting for commercialization of those self-driving cars that are currently running on the roads with ‘on testing’ label and trending in the news about its achievements? We know you do, every person has a curiosity to explore the new knocking technology. But the coverage of the news we receive many times is majorly focused on showing the positive side of the technology. But when its consequences are seen through the failures reported while the product is in the testing phase. A huge list of doubts comes into the mind that will the technology work and next is how efficiently it will work.

Uber—a leading technology giant in the race of autonomous car race called off its self-driving project after the crash of one of its driverless car. The incident has fired up the technology world. Though it isn’t the first accident in the era of driverless cars, Tesla has also been through the same situation some months back, but the call of project termination was announced for the first time.

The accident that was witnessed on Friday has raised severe doubts; that will the autonomous technology work safely. The car had a person sitting behind the wheel and it is said that the car was into self-driving mode and had no passengers in the back. Post accidents the whole fleet was removed from the streets in Arizona.

Uber from the very first stage was insistent towards launch its self-driving cars on the public roads with passengers and as a safety precaution, it has safety engineer seating in the car to take the control if the situation goes out of control. If compared to other players who are engineering their cars to make it fully autonomous yet hesitate to put passengers without reliable and satisfactory testing results.

The incident came just after the issue that employees of Uber charged for thieving the belonging from Waymo and utilizing it for the Uber’s driverless technology.

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