Uber developing its own Map service like Google Maps with $500M investment

According to reports, Uber will pump $500 million in a bid to end its dependency on Google Maps and other similar services. The development assumes great relevance in the wake of the recent disclosure by Uber’s advanced technologies chief Brian McClendon about the possibility of company’s mapping ambitions.

In the meantime, Uber has already mapped cars outside across the United States. The company is planning to expand to Mexico by this summer. However, McClendon clarified that other countries are not far behind and will be getting mapping in a phased manner.

McClendon revealed that services like Google Maps can be used as a starting point. However, the service lacks the required information the company requires on a daily basis.

Uber’s mapping

Capable of estimating accurate traffic data, the Uber mapping service enables you to determine the best pickup and drop-off points. Moreover, it also provides detailed maps for several rural areas without street signs. It can also be used to map data to power self-driving cars.

No confirmation from Uber

Even though Uber hasn’t fully confirmed the investment of $500 million, the company has made it clear that they are focussing on digital mapping.

Commenting on the Uber’s initiative, McClendon revealed that Google Maps is certainly essential for the survival of Uber. However, Uber has taken a bold initiative to develop its own mapping system and he is very happy to be part of the effort.

He disclosed that there is a need to design and develop a detailed map structure not only for the reliability of the taxi service but also for the safety of passengers. Each passenger should know about the entire route the ride is proceeding to. However, the need for a reliable Mapping service assumes great importance in self-driving vehicles.

Potential competitor

In future, Uber will become a potential competitor to Google, Apple, Tesla who are also venturing into the development of self-driving cars with their own mapping system.

Meanwhile, a leading business television channel has reported that Uber has started the work on its own mapping technology on a big scale in Mexico. According to industry analysts, this is the first step in the right direction towards the goal of developing a comprehensive mapping project.

It remains to be seen as to how successful the new venture will be because Google has already established a credible space in the Mapping field. It will take at least few years for the Uber to develop something which attracts users.

Recent merger

Recently, Uber China has entered into a strategic partnership with Didi Chuxing in a $35 billion deal. Uber has demanded a 20 percent stake in Didi in the $28 billion-valued company.

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