Tricks to Make the Older Androids Functional

Can the older Androids be useful? Have you given it a thought? If not, then it’s time to give a little strain to your gray cells now. Why keep the phones for the dust to settle on to? The best quality the Asians possess is to make smart use of their older stuff in a friendly manner. But it has become a trend to buy the latest model even when you own a good handset.

Tricks to Make the Older Androids Functional

Then what would you do with the older handsets? Some may sell it or dump it away in a corner. The last option is the best one as the old ones can be put to use for some other purposes. Some of the best ways to turn it into a useful device are:

Universal remote:

Nowadays all the household devices have a remote to help them be controlled which makes the process all the more tedious and fuzzy. What if you have a single device to control all of them? Think about making use of the older smartphones for this purpose, won’t it be amazing? All that your phone got to have is an infrared blaster, which if not present then the Universal IR blaster such as the Anymote has to be purchased. It is going to turn way more expensive, but it provides a better range and more command options. The Smart IR Remote, for instance, AnyMote (RM25.37) or AnyMote Universal Remote along with Wi-Fi is also of utmost importance for the smartphones to function as a controller.

Home security:

The burglar alarm system, CCTV, and other hi-tech systems are way too expensive. Instead, the smartphone could help you save some money. The app Alfred once downloaded can help you keep your home safe by connecting to your Gmail account and making use of the spare phones as cameras. If not required for home security then it can be a better option to keep an eye on your pets or kids. The app costs RM16.90 on a monthly basis, which is better than the free version that doesn’t provide an HD view. The other app worth opting is the Surveillance & Home Security.

Supportive use:

The older Androids could be used in the medical field to detect protein folding, drug designing, and other molecular dynamics via the Folding@home software or else use the Seti@home for detecting extraterrestrial intelligence.

Virtual Reality technology:

Smartphones can be used to change the gaming or video experience using the VR technology such as Google Cardboard headset. The experience is worth millions compared to the feasible headset. If not VR, then use the phone for gaming.

Kid friendly:

The use of smartphones among the kids is not a very good option. What can be done? Then why not make it friendly by downloading Luna Launcher or Kid’s Shell to help keep a track on the time or limited apps use.

The phone can be turned into an alarm clock, cookery recipe book, eBook reader, and more. In short, there is a lot that can be done to a spare smartphone by just downloading the right app.

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