Top Flying cars that will fly over the traffic one day

The era of the flying car is about to start soon in a coming decade. Many technological and aviation experts are working furiously to launch the prototype or the actual model of the flying cars.

Let’s take a tour of some futuristic flying cars. Most of them aren’t cars but the motive of its functionality is to transport commuters from one place to other.


An Israel-based tech firm named as Urban Aeronautics has built a drone structured people carrying the vehicle. It is named as “Air Mule” and it is specifically designed for military use. The Air-Mule is equipped with standard helicopter engine which enables the drone to speed up to 115 mph and can carry a payload of 1,100 pounds.

Lilium Jet
German technology based company Lilium Aviation is curiously building a two-seater aircraft. The aircraft is assembled with 36 fans electric engine placed serially in its wings. It takes off vertically and can fly like a plane after the initial take off. The highest speed recorded by the plane is of 190 mph.

Ehang 184
The Chinese drone maker EHang has developed a single person carrying drone and it has been beta-testing its capabilities in Nevada. Its body looks like cockpit surrounded by the four arms with rotors. The takeoff and landing are pre-programmed and the control & monitoring is done at a command station based in China.

These aircraft would definitely give you a glimpse of famous, Will Smith’s sci-fi movie— “I, Robot”.

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