Top 6 Reasons Why Blogging Is An Essential Marketing Tool

Strategic marketing can make or break a business, especially in a highly competitive environment filled with companies eyeing the same set of customers. Marketing experts are always seeking new trends and ways to attract new customers while retaining existing ones. While company profits depend on several factors including marketing, it continues to be one of the initial measures to gain access to a large consumer base. There are several marketing methods including Guerrilla marketing, branding & brand positioning, and influencer & affiliate marketing, one of the oldest and most effective forms is content marketing.

Blogging Is An Essential Marketing Tool

This promotion method consists of various sub-segments and blogging is one of them. Companies across sectors can improve customer reach by publishing informative and helpful blogs. It is probably the least expensive marketing form. Companies of all sizes including large corporations such as San Miguel Real Estate, Apple, Cisco, and Adobe have dedicated blogging pages to improve consumer awareness. Listed below are the top 6 reasons that make blogging an essential marketing tool.

1- Higher website traffic

Creating and publishing relevant blogs are known to create higher traffic on the company website. For instance, if you are running an online gifting business, creating written content such as this website, based on questions regarding gifting solutions can be helpful to divert more customers to web pages which directly translates to increased sales.

A recent report by HubSpot Marketing suggests that companies blogging customer-centric content can achieve a 50% increase in overall sales.

2- Building and improving customer trust

Meaningful blogs are an excellent way of building and strengthening customer trust. When companies regularly post blogs on essential subject matters it helps in establishing the firm as experts in the field. It also helps them appear more professional and subject matter experts especially when information and content-rich blogs. For instance, a travel agency posting blogs on how to plan the next trips, the best places to visit, and how to create a budget-friendly itinerary is likely to have more customers from several regions than a company with no or minimum online presence.

Building and improving customer trust

3- Blogs increase SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) deals with measures adopted to improve the visibility of a web page on the internet. Publishing search engine-optimized blogs, a company can manage to appear higher in several search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. To better understand SEO, search for the top content writing agencies near you in the Google search bar. The names that you see on the first page have optimized their web content in a way that makes them rank higher. This is how SEO works. Consumers are likely to choose an institute that appears on the first page thus impacting the final revenue of the business.

Blogs increase SEO

4- Increase consumer awareness and knowledge

Blogs are more than mere marketing tools. It is a way of showing your readers or consumers that you can provide solutions. They tend to buy from companies that keep them engaged because it shows that the business takes its customers seriously and genuinely cares for them. It is recommended that companies focus on creating relevant, helpful, and engaging blogs rather than picking random topics for discussion.

5- A longer list of emails

Every webpage that you launch on a search engine must ask you to register your email ID either to receive notifications or to access the content. This is a method adopted by companies to generate more email ID leads which, eventually, is expected to help them convert readers into buyers of products or services. If the content posted by you is engaging, the chances are that readers may not hesitate to register for email services.

6 – A blog can give you information for several social media pages

A well-written blog has enough reusable content that can be published on social media pages. You do not need to dedicate resources for social media content separately. However, content specifically created for social media will have to be rewritten if you want to use it as a blog. It goes on to prove that investing in blogging is a better cost-effective solution.


Blogs are one of the few methods of marketing that do not ever go out of trend. While other promotional tactics used on social media platforms may require you to follow the current craze in the market, blogging gives you more freedom in terms of how you want to connect to your customers. It is a long-term investment for your company and as a business owner, it is highly recommended to invest more time in creating a blog page that connects more customers with your organization.

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