Top 5 Common SEO Blindspots and How to Fix Them

Top 5 Common SEO Blindspots and How to Fix Them Creating a successful digital marketing strategy means having the right voice-search readiness, improving search rankings and optimizing keyword search. You need to be objective in your marketing by increasing traffic to your website. SEO is one of the best ways to ensure that your business is easily seen whenever people are searching for information online. However, there are many loopholes that prevent business owners from realizing the goals of SEO. Below are the top 5 common SEO blindspots and how to fix them.

1. Over-reliance on third-party tools
Most businesses rely on third-party tools instead of using social listening when doing their research. Most brands purchase fancy research tools, but they are not enough to guarantee the desired results. It is important to incorporate review sites and social media to help you identify the search words that people commonly use. Going through the conversations of your clients can help you to understand the common keywords they use, which will help you to target them better.

Websites that offer company reviews can also help you understand what people are looking for. With this information, it will be easy to use the right keywords that will improve your online presence.

2. Poor comparison of traffic levels
The best way for a business to know whether it is doing better is by comparing its relative traffic levels with those of its competitors. This will create a better picture of where the business is going wrong in its SEO strategies. However, most businesses don’t have the right tools to do the most accurate comparison. Using some free services might not help much because most of them are very inaccurate. This doesn’t mean that the expensive tools will do any better, but it is good do a thorough market research to identify the best tool. Visit to know more about traffic level comparison.

3. Undermining the role of hashtags
Although most businesses use bots to pick up various hashtags, it is good to use the same for human engagement. It’s vital to make use of hashtags because they can help to train audiences to contribute to your posts. For instance, most TV shows require their viewers to use specific hashtags to contribute to the show. You can make use of hashtags because they offer better results than keyword stuffing. Always ensure that you use the right hashtags that are unique and relevant to your brand.

4. Wrong URL naming
Most businesses fail to specify the name and category of their topics in the URL. This can make it difficult to increase traffic to your website because search bots are unable to locate your sitemap. Make sure you are specific by including the targeted information in the URL.

5. Lost links and pages
Businesses spend a lot of time and resources trying to create links and pages that boost traffic to their sites. However, these links and pages might disappear after a few months, hence bringing all your efforts to waste. You need to look for the appropriate tool that will identify and restore the lost links and pages.

Solving the above SEO blindspots will improve traffic to your site. Do not watch as your digital marketing falls apart.

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