The Classic App Development is Dead: Try the New No-Code Way

No one wants to squander a handful of years and a pile of money to burn on mobile app development. Learning how to code from scratch is a big no-no, and hiring an experienced development team that works in-house is a hassle too. Put briefly, the traditional way to develop mobile apps for your business is dead. No entrepreneur wants to take the long way to start making money. So, what should you do? You need to try the simplest and easiest app development method, i.e., the no-code way!

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What is a no-code way? How will it benefit you? You may be dealing with a lot of questions right now. But that is okay. This blog will help you learn about the app development process that needs no coding skills in-depth.

Do You Really Need a Mobile App?

Entrepreneurs who want to develop a mobile app for their business may have one or various motives.

Some may need a mobile app to support their side businesses or earn a passive income. Small and Medium-sized businesses may need a mobile app to scale up or expand their operations or services, while others may need it to automate everything.

Several reasons may drive the need for developing a mobile app. Here is a list of common motives for which entrepreneurs try to launch mobile apps. If you have one or more of these motives in mind, you too need a mobile app.Increase your brand’s visibility.

  • Create a direct channel to engage with customers and offer them personalized experiences.
  • Improve your overall customer engagement and experience.
  • Gather useful customer insights to enhance your business.
  • Open up a new window for revenue generation.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the industry.
  • Leverage the ongoing technology trends.

What Are the Different Ways to Develop Mobile Apps?

After finding your motive behind developing a mobile app, you have to make the most important decision of selecting the app development method to move forward with.

There are three main ways you can create mobile apps.

1.    Self-code the entire app

Entrepreneurs who know how to code and develop apps can choose this method. Not only can you drive down the app development code but you can also write your own code and have full control over it.

As exciting as it seems, this method is full of drudgery too. Since you are doing all the hard work alone, the process is extensively time-consuming. Moreover, you have to resolve all the technical problems on your own.

2.    Hire an external team of professionals

Hiring an app development company is one of the other ways you can go about if you are not willing to gather an in-house team.

This app development method is most feasible for large-scale businesses that have the time and financial resources to create custom apps. By hiring an experienced app development company, you can rescue the burden of your in-house team (if you have one), own the developed code, plus get assistance with technical issues.

However, on the flip side, the app development cost will skyrocket and it can so happen that you may not get the desirable results.

3.    The no-code way

Lastly, you have the no-code way. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to develop mobile apps. It is best for non-technical entrepreneurs who aim to build and launch the app quickly, without spending a whole lot of money.

Pre-built solutions are the no-code way to launch mobile apps. Because of this solution, you can easily launch the apps on the App Stores in a matter of 1 to 2 weeks. Plus, you can start a business even if you have a small budget to work with.

Examples of No-code Apps

Here are two popular examples of no-code apps that you can launch and start making money with.

Uber Clone

You can launch an app similar to Uber, the popular ride-hailing, delivery, and logistics app. You can integrate the latest features in this pre-built taxi app, white-label it with your brand name & logo, and offer multiple taxi services under one roof.

By launching an Uber Clone app, you can start an on-demand taxi booking business that offers taxi renting, ride-sharing, scheduling airport rides, and moto services as well.

Gojek-like super app

Super apps are all-in-one apps. Using these apps, your users can easily book multiple services such as taxi rides, food delivery, parcel delivery, on-demand medical services, and so on.

It is similar to the Indonesian Gojek App but it is loaded with advanced features that can be enabled/disabled as per your needs. You can also offer as many as 101+ services on this app and provide users the convenience of live tracking, online payment, and more.

No-code App Development is Best for Every Business Size

No-code app development method is best for every business size, be it small or medium. You may ask why. Well, the core reason for it is the cost-effectiveness and quick time to market.

Any entrepreneur, even with a non-technical background can get in touch with white-labeling firms and get the best solution for their business.

Here are the key advantages of opting for a pre-built solution.

  • No requirement for coding skills: the team of experts at the white-labeling firm will do the job for you without charging extra money.
  • Transparent pricing: another perk of dealing with professionals is that you get transparent pricing and you never get to face surprises.
  • You get the ownership: the firm sends you the lifetime licensed source code if you purchase the script package. It simply means that they transfer the entire ownership of the app to you.
  • Editable source code: you can use the given source code and make further changes to it in the future depending on your requirements.

Another advantage of buying the pre-built solutions is that you get to test the app before buying it. Put simply, you can test the demo application before investing all your hard-earned money into it.

Final Words:

Need to build a mobile app for your business that doesn’t fall flat? Well, you then need to choose the right app development method that suits your time constraints, budget, and other requirements.

The no-code way to launch an on-demand multi-service app is best for every business size. So, whether you are a new entrant in the business world or an old player in the market, a pre-built solution can help you gain the best returns on your investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your no-code app solution today.

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