The Beginning Practitioners Guide to Equipping The Office

Starting up a medical practice is more than just setting up a computer and printer inside your business. All good doctors know that dependable lab and clinic equipment are vital. Finding a budget is the first step in getting the best gear possible for any practice. Next, what kind of doctor are you? A foot doctor won’t have the same equipment as a heart doctor. You can find places that sell used medical equipment at a discount. You will have to do a little searching, however.

Beginning Practitioners Guide to Equipping The Office

In this article, we’ll be discussing some new pieces of tech, in particular:  an ECG machine, i.e. electrocardiogram machine, that delivers real-time readings of a patient’s heartbeat. We’ll discuss the application of augmented reality, an interesting advancement in both healthcare education and rehabilitation. Then 3D printers; the world is continuing to become more and more 3D. Having a tool like this opens a lot of doors. Then we have the category of software advancements. Updating your current tech with new tech is mandatory maintenance in a “what’s next” kind of world.

The Magnificent ECG

Everyone has seen one in a patient’s room at least one time or another. A giant tan machine on wheels. This tan hunk of medical equipment outputs waves via an onboard printer to be interpreted by the medical examiner. This piece of equipment is almost always rolling around in an operating room or the back of an en-route ambulance. The process is non-invasive and requires the user is well studied in ECG patterns and waves. This way, any anomalies will be obvious and the patient gets an accurate reading and ECG Interpretation. The heart talks, ECG listens. This is a tech staple in any practice.

Augmentation, Says What?

Virtual learning is taking off in all fields. Practicing on holograms has many of the same benefits as working on a real person. Clearing up the confusion between a 2-D model of a 3-D object isn’t the easiest task, and really doesn’t have a ton of options when looking for clarity. Augmented reality shines light on this type of confusion while sharpening up old skills and building some new ones. Not to mention, it can serve as a representational model for a patient.  This is a solution for the doctor set on continuing their education. Tech like this is giving healthcare professionals a leg up all over the planet.

More 3-D

Augmented reality isn’t the only type of 3-D gear out there. It’s no secret the biggest splash 3-D printers have made is in the medical field. But they’re making a lot more than just a few splashes. The 3-D printed prosthetic has been the norm for a few years now and it is possible you could soon print drugs. An exact physical replica is handy for when there isn’t a pharmacy nearby and can keep an accurate log of the pills being produced.

Software: The Two-For-One

Tech is growing non-stop. Everything from apps to the entire mobile device needs a regular update. Medical equipment is no exception. Sometimes the software is very expensive, and sometimes it’s free. Keeping up on the advancements is an investment with a huge payout; a payout of dollar bills or possibly saving a life. This means watching your own field for tech news and the fields your practice often interacts with. General advancements in software are leading to benefits such as:

  • Better device management
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Higher security
  • Improved record keeping

This is a fast-paced world. Being on top of these advancements can turn a good doctor into a phenomenal doctor. Here are a few advancements made last year. For a beginning practice, the best thing to do would be to consider the options. We covered the ECG machine, augmented learning and application, 3D printing, and keeping your software up-to-date. These five things and a little more research for the individual situation can take any practice to the next level.

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