Tesla is working on Gigafactory 1 interior according to permits

RENO, US- Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) The electric vehicle manufacturer is reportedly working on the interior of its Gigafacotry 1 and the development of a data center as well.

Most of the people’s attention was drawn by the outer façade of Tesla Motors Gigafactory 1 for the last year or so. The specific part of the facility garnered a plethora of pictures and videos as it kept rising amid the high desert east of Reno.

But that was only until now. The time has come for the company’s innards to get in the game as well. The $5 billion work of the inland architecture of the battery plant is now under development at full force along with a data centre that will be located within the gigafactory site.

In more details, a series of permits were acquired by the Storey County and they all display several million dollar worth projects that were launched during the summer at the Tesla gigafactory site, where construction on the pilot plant is ongoing.

The brand new pilot plant will subsume approximately a fourth of the final facility’s expanse, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who also announced last week that the company has received its temporary certificate of occupancy for the gigafactory. What’s more impressive is that once completed, the facility will veil 10 million square feet of dry land thus being the largest facility of its kind in the world.

One thing that indicates the prosperity of Tesla, that is the fact that the company has applied nearly 20 permits for new costly projects, which is roughly as much as it has applied for, since May 2014, the first year since ground work commenced at its Tahoe Reno Industrial Center site. Those permits include work for:

  • mechanical piping at $7 million
  • phase one roofing at $4.5 million
  • exterior building walls at $3 million
  • electrical switchyard at $2 million
  • exterior hardscapes at $ 1 million

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Source: Reno Gazzete-Journal

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