Tesla recalls 90,000 Model S sedans over seat belt malfunction

Tesla Motors will have to check 90,000 Model S vehicles for potential seat belt malfunction, that could ultimately jeopardize the physical integrity of drivers.

The report of the particular deficiency comes from a European Model S owner, who suggested that the driver’s seat belt has been physically separated from the seat itself.

Relying on this claim, the electric car manufacturer has immediately responded to the matter by checking more than 3,000 units of the specific car range, none of which seem to be facing the aforementioned issue.

Though, despite the particular check-up, some owners might still be worrying over the problem, hence the company has taken additional proactive and precautionary measures, which include the voluntary recall of all the Model S vehicles for a seat belt check up.

This is indeed a rather kind move by Tesla, though it is a bit complicated for owners who don’t live near one of the 69 Tesla service centers in the U.S. To resolve this, the company is offering a DIY check-up ahead of their next scheduled service appointment. This home service procedure includes pulling on the lap portion of the seatbelt with at least 80 pounds of force.

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Moreover, if one owner does not believe that this check-up is adequate enough, then he can make use of Tesla’s Service Rangers network. In case you are not familiar, due to the fact that electric cars pack half the breakable parts that a conventional car would, maintenance does not require to be that frequent.

With that in mind, when the time for service comes, owners schedule an appointment with one Service Ranger, who can fly to their location of residence and perform the necessary maintenance process, or repair a broken part and alike. The cost for this starts from $100 and climbs to higher rates based on the distance that the employee has to travel.

When it comes to the case at hand, Tesla has not issued any statement regarding voluntary check-ups – that essentially are free of charge- for this proportion of customers.

Source: Tesla

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