Sony PlayStation 4 Neo with Virtual Reality and 4K support coming on September 7

sony playstation 4 neo

Sony will unveil the much-awaited PlayStation 4 Neo on September 7 in New York. The invites have been mailed to all media outlets for the launch of PlayStation 4 Neo, which is likely to be the successor to the PlayStation 4. According to rumors, Apple will also unveil the much-anticipated iPhone 7 on the same … Read more

Sony sells its pioneer battery division, records 10.8 percent revenue drop

Sony battery division

Sony has sold the historic battery division to Murata for an undisclosed amount. Even though the plan was announced on Tuesday, the two companies will not sign a binding agreement until October. Sony is expecting to finalize the whole deal by March 2017. In a bid to earn profits, the company is selling off various business … Read more

Xbox Live under DDoS attack, ‘Phantom Squad’ hacking team claims responsibility

Phantom Squad, an infamous hacking group, has recently initiated a copycat DDoS attack against Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, aping the work of the equally notorious hacking team ‘Lizard Squad’. It all lasted a few hours and the service is now back up and fully functional, but there were some users who reportedly experienced problems logging … Read more

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Review: A quality mid-range smartphone, but is it worth the money?

Sony brought a whole generation to the Z5 series (Z5, Z5 Compact, Z5 Premium) and the Compact lies somewhere in the middle. As the name suggests, it has a compact design, an outstanding camera with nearly limitless possibilities and it’s just a pity that Sony stuck with the 720p display instead of a Full HD … Read more

Sony PlayStation 4 CRASHES Microsoft Corporation Xbox One during Black Friday

A new study has emerged online, projecting the total sales of the three major video gaming consoles currently in the marker, Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U, during the renowned Black Friday shopping season. The battle between video gaming consoles is an ongoing procedure, showcasing different winners and losers in the … Read more

Cyber Monday deals on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and 3DS video games

The Black Friday madness has just finished, though Cyber Monday is just one day away and deals have already started popping up in retailers. Millions of TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets were sold during these 24 hours, while consumers who managed to get their hands on these deals were thrilled to acquire beloved gadgets … Read more

Sony Xperia Z6 rumors: Price, Specs and Release Date

It has not even been a year that Sony released its new Z5 smartphone series, and the company is already working on the new addition of the Z family. All phones have been outstanding until now, so we have to see whether the next flagship of the Japanese tech giant will rise to the occasion … Read more

Last minute Black Friday deals on Sony PlayStation 4: up to $100 off on PS4

For the people of the gaming world, owning a decent gaming console is of vital importance. Gamers are all about catching up to the latest trends, games, consoles and accessories. Though we have to admit, sometimes it gets hard to keep track with all those products and variants being released, for the most part due … Read more

Sony PlayStation 4 crashes Xbox One and Chromecast beats Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire in sales

A new report from Strategy Analytics has surfaced online, suggesting that during the third quarter of 2015, Sony’s PlayStation 4 had overtaken by far Microsoft’s Xbox One in sales, while Google’s Chromecast streaming device seems to be dominating at its respective field as well. The study shows that, at the time of writing, 53 million units of … Read more