News Tracker to Provide Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) Users a Unique Experience

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)┬áis planning a serious overhaul that will involve the launch of a new feature sometime this year. As one of the top social media websites, the company expects to roll out Project Lightning, a new feature that will put videos and photos, as well as events frequently talked about at the forefront of … Read more

The Smartphone Camera – The New Crime Fighting Weapon

Within the near future, crime fighting capability will involve taking a photo using a smartphone camera. In addition, this will prevent people from being ripped off. With a single snap, a user of the smartphone can determine if someone is trying to sell them a fake mobile device. Thanks to scientists from Northwestern University, an … Read more

Phree Smart Pen Making a Big Impression

Although the concept is not new, there is a new player in the arena of digital pens known as Phree. With this pen, an individual can document and share a digital copy of a note, scribble, or drawing regardless of surface. Developed in Israel, when Phree is paired with a smartphone, the need for a … Read more